Images are inspiring, voiceover is grand, but we’re not reinventing GM

Andris Pone is a Toronto-based brand strategy consultant.

The concept of reinvention is rich with authenticity for GM, allowing us to buy in on several levels. For example, an inventive spirit lies at the heart of U.S. identity and greatness. It’s therefore resonant that this archetypal U.S. brand, at this do-ordie moment in its history, should bet its future on a classically U.S. trait. “Reinvention” also suggests this campaign is not a quick fix, but rather connotes “kaizen” (Japanese for “improvement”). But what’s with the imagery? What do crowded sidewalks, an injured hockey player, a quarterback throwing a football, and the racetrack have to do with reinvention? These ponderous choices distract from the very believable   voiceover.

National Post

July 10, 2009

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