Dream Harbour


Glen Dodd and Mike Tsuboi have been a powerful partnership in the financial advisory business since 2011. With Glen envisioning retirement in the next decade, he viewed updating their brand, from Dodd Financial Services, as crucial to ensuring smooth succession to Mike.

Glen and Mike requested that their geographic location – the area around beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia – be referenced in their new name. Their locale, along with their rock-solid belief that clients’ dreams be protected, was the inspiration for this combination of new brand name and promise – Dream Harbour: Here your dreams are safe™.

The brand foundation was beautifully brought to life through a new website, logo, videography and photography. Ongoing and most important, it is brought to life by the work that Glen, Mike and team do every day for their clients.

Name: Dream Harbour™

Brand foundation
Brand position: Total Package Planning™
Brand promise: Here your dreams are safe™

Social media
Ongoing brand marketing


“Andris, as Mike and I have said on numerous occasions, your talent at guiding us through this process cannot be understated. Our appreciation goes beyond words. We are looking to have a very long-term relationship with you, as you continue to guide and mentor us through this new world.”

Glen Dodd, CLU
Founder and Senior Wealth Advisor
Dream Harbour Wealth Advisors