Ardill Group


More than forty years after John Ardill started in the business, the time had come for his son Ian to take the leadership helm and for the Ardill Group brand to align with this new generation of leadership – while reflecting the very best of its past.

Our ThinkAudit™ client survey process revealed that not surprisingly, John and Ian have much in common – including a distinctly independent bent, an overriding focus on patiently building an exceptional ecosystem of expertise around every client, and a profound commitment to walking with clients through their financial lives.

Their multiple levels of diligence are summed up in this brand promise, the cornerstone of their new brand foundation:  Just the right match for your money™.

Promise:  Just the right match for your money™
Brand foundation
Newsletter:  The Ardill Independent
Social media
Ongoing brand marketing

“Andris, I am so excited because your work on our brand is clearly having an impact in three ways:

  • We are getting more referrals, because people are checking us out online before they meet us, and they are so impressed by what they see.
  • Our current clients are doing even more business with us, because they are more aware of what we do, and how we do it.
  • Our client meetings are more effective, because the work you did on our brand language allows me to express our value more clearly.

Our brand messaging, tagline, website, photography, video, newsletter, logo and social media.  We love all of it!”

IAN ARDILL, B.A., M.T.S. | Private Wealth Advisor | CEO, Ardill Group