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As a teenager, Mark Levine fought his way back to health by relentlessly asking a simple question: “Why?” Why exactly was he so sick, for example? And why was this treatment or that treatment better? This tenacity and curiosity – the hallmarks of his “don’t-take-no-for-an-answer” spirit to the present day – are what get his clients the best possible results from insurance companies.

As an MMPA and accountant holding both the CPA and CA designations, and through a constant commitment to industry training, Mark’s level of understanding of tax and estate planning strategies is something that most advisors simply do not have. In fact, his mission is To co-create highly tailored solutions with highly engaged clients – because he is not looking for transactions, he is looking for partnerships. Hence a brand promise that puts a premium on collaboration: Let’s find your future™.

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Brand promise: Let’s find your future™

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“Working with Andris has been exceptionally rewarding for Integrated Financial Strategies. He assisted us in expressing our new value proposition, brand messaging and tagline to our clients, along with redoing our website and social media presence. His marketing and branding expertise are second to none!”
Mark Levine, MMPA, CPA, CA