Surround Wealth Advisors 


The formalization of three partners – Gillian Stovel Rivers, Andrew Hawryluk and Adil Mohammed – as equals in the business was the catalyst for articulating a new value proposition, a new name, Surround, and taking both to market.

Our ThinkAudit™ survey process revealed that these advisors – formerly known as Assante Bronte Park – have a unique team approach.  As equals, they are all up to date on every client and thus able to support each of them fully.  In addition, each of Gillian, Andrew and Adil brings to the table a unique skill set that adds up to a comprehensive whole.  And so the upshot that led to their new name:  whatever your needs are, whatever situation arises, they’ve got it surrounded.

Also integral to this brand is a deeply held belief, articulated as one element of the Surround Manifesto, that wealth is more than money.  In fact, it’s whatever you want it to be – and, thinking of wealth as a verb, everyone “wealths” differently.  It all adds up to their brand position, given a second level of meaning by the different skills possessed by each principal:  There’re more than one way to wealth™. 

Name:  Surround™
Position:  There’s more than one way to wealth™
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