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  • Andris Pone media comment on Bill O’Reilly and Fox

    I had the good fortune of a very pleasant conversation with Deana Sumanac of CBC News, regarding fallout from the O’Reilly firing.  Her central question:  what does the future hold for Fox?  

  • Andris Pone media comment on United

    I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Hollie Shaw of the National Post, as well as by Mark Sutcliffe on AM1310 Ottawa. Here are the links: National Post AM1310: (interview starts at 34:40)      

  • Talking Trump on The National Tonight

    Celebrities are swinging at Trump from the stage.  What does this phenomenon, and Trump’s reaction to it, mean for the brand of the American presidency? I considered these questions and more in an enjoyable interview this afternoon with Ron Charles of CBC’s The National. read more

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