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  • For Google, Alphabet Might Spell Trouble

    [Cache #210] By Andris Pone – President, Coin Branding – Really?  They forgot to Google it? Not likely.  Still, many are dumbfounded this week at Google’s introduction of a new holding company name, Alphabet.  My first Google search of the story led to The New read more

  • Five Ways to Look as Smart as (or Smarter Than) You Are

    [Cache #209] By Andris Pone – President, Coin Branding Recently I told a colleague that I didn’t think a particular person was especially bright or helpful. My colleague, who I respect as very bright indeed, expressed surprise at my point of view.  He had read more

  • “Winnipeg” and “Vacation” is Not an Oxymoron. Really.

    [Cache #208] By Andris Pone – President, Coin Branding – This week, I am enjoying a vacation in and around Winnipeg. Many people, as they made clear to me in advance, consider this to be a contradiction in terms. A brand is read more

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