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  • Mastercard’s nameless logo: Priceless or puffery?

    Some thoughts in addition to those shared yesterday in the interview: Mastercard is drowning in their own Kool-Aid if they think their new nameless logo, which they call their Symbol, represents Mastercard better than the word “Mastercard.” That said, my read more

  • On CBC Radio One: Weight Watchers renames as WW

    To align with their new strategy, Weight Watchers has changed their name to WW. What do I think of the new moniker?  You can listen here.    

  • On CBC’s The National re Burberry

    Yesterday I had the pleasure of an interview with The National concerning Burberry. Soon after being outed for burning unused product, they announced an end to the practice.  Is it great branding, pandering to environmentalists or a bit of both? read more

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