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  • NFL Announces Name Change to NFeLon

    [Cache #171] NEW YORK – League Commissioner Roger Goodell, defending America’s dominant professional sport against accusations it is not yet 100% comprised of wife beaters and child abusers, today strongly signalled this intention by renaming the league from NFL to NFeLon. “Our league isn’t just about violence read more

  • If You Want People To Care

    [Cache #170] The skinny guy with the grey hair walked on stage to a chorus of Happy Birthday.  He leaned into the microphone with a mock scowl, and emphasized his curse:  ”I knew somebody would have to point out that I’m seventy-f____ing-one years old.” The man was Roger read more

  • Porter’s Brand Is In A Nosedive

    [Cache #169] My mentor Ted Matthews created the most meaningful and elegant definition in the world of branding:  A brand is what people think of you. There is a second part of his definition that is not quite as well known, but equally powerful and crisp:  Brand is read more

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