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  • Talking Trump on The National Tonight

    Celebrities are swinging at Trump from the stage.  What does this phenomenon, and Trump’s reaction to it, mean for the brand of the American presidency? I considered these questions and more in an enjoyable interview this afternoon with Ron Charles of CBC’s The National. read more

  • Trump Proves Women Have a Brand Problem

    [Cache #251] By Andris Pone – President, Coin Branding – What are the top branding lessons and implications to be digested from Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election? 1.Branding is values-neutral.  It is OK to have a brand read more

  • The Beer Thrower Is Just Our Scapegoat

    [Cache #250] By Andris Pone – President, Coin Branding – Because of Rob Ford, Toronto’s brand has suffered greatly in recent years – and it is a certainty that the city will continue to bear a negative association with him for read more

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