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Bad Taste = Bad Branding

[Cache – #103] This ain’t no SlutWalk – the protest movement started at York University in response to a police officer’s remark that women shouldn’t dress like “sluts” if they didn’t want to be raped.  SlutWalk quickly went global, with read more

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Smart is the new Silly

[Cache – #102] If you believe the advertisers, brilliance surrounds us.  There is the Smart car, of course.  There is Hyundai’s tagline, Live smart.  There is the Bluetooth Smart (which I’ve previously pilloried).  And now there is SmartLuggage by Heys. A quick surf also read more

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Andris on BNN tonight re Lance Armstrong

Dear Reader, Today I was asked to share my two cents on the chances of Lance Armstrong’s brand recovering.  (Hint:  They’re not good.)  We also chatted about what the story means to Oprah and even the topic of Tiger came read more

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If you don’t like customers…

[Cache – #101] …get out of the customer service business.   Have a look at these photos, all taken at a Toronto cafe called Broadview Espresso: These signs were written by people who don’t like people.  So why the hell read more

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