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Will Your Customers Give You Their Bodies?

[Cache – #164] How many of your customers have tattooed your logo on their bodies? If your company happens be called Anytime Fitness, a chain of more than 2,400 gyms in 19 countries, your answer, according to a BBC News story this read more

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Allusive brand names. Get it?

[Cache – #17] By Roma Chopra, Research Associate When naming, there are two broad categories of name types to arrive at:  descriptive and allusive. The descriptive name, as its title states, affirms some quality by which a brand wishes to read more

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Tiger’s brand today: hypocrisy of the highest order

How much will Tiger’s transgressions cost his brand? What his endorsers are paying for Companies like Nike, American Express and Accenture are paying Tiger megabucks to convey certain characteristics they want to be associated with, including: Discipline Intelligence Good judgement read more

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