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The Hip Anomaly: Does Canada Even Have A Culture for Netflix to Kill?

[Cache #173] Is Canada’s brand a joke? That was the question I asked last year, in the midst of Canadians like Rob Ford, Justin Bieber and Chip Wilson behaving badly and attracting much mockery from a bevy of late night heavyweights including Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Jon read more

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You can be better than BlackBerry

[Cache – #52] Names have jobs to do. Which ones do them best and worst? Given RIM’s tanking stock price, this may not seem like much to aim for. Yet their 2011 blunder on BlackBerry BBX, despite resources that are read more

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Best and worst brand names of the week – Friday September 23

Best brand names of the week REMedy – “a bed upgrade kit that contains a gel-infused mattress topper, proven to increase quality of sleep” Whitemint: a new Stride gum, named after American snowboarder Shaun White Worst brand names of the read more

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Comments on Chris Taylor’s Mashable article: Netflix’ Qwikster debacle

Netflix has created quite an uproar by, among other things, renaming its core DVD delivery business to Qwikster.   My thoughts on Chris Taylor‘s Mashable article in the comments section here: http://alturl.com/daodx  

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