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Tim Hortons: Brazilian as a Bikini Line

[Cache #183] By Andris Pone President, Coin Branding — The quintessential Canadian brand is not really Canadian, and has not really been Canadian for substantial stretches of the past 20 years. Tim Hortons remains, in the Canuck mindset, as Canadian as snowfall in June.  Despite the read more

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The Hip Anomaly: Does Canada Even Have A Culture for Netflix to Kill?

[Cache #173] Is Canada’s brand a joke? That was the question I asked last year, in the midst of Canadians like Rob Ford, Justin Bieber and Chip Wilson behaving badly and attracting much mockery from a bevy of late night heavyweights including Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Jon read more

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Coyotes Eat Toronto FC Alive

[Cache – #149] It is a myth that Canadians like winter.  A country that likes winter would not seek to escape it at every possible opportunity, as Canucks are doing on the busiest travel day of the year, today, by swarming our airports read more

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Why they must be the Jets

Bulletin! The new owners of the former Atlanta Thrashers have not made a statement as to whether their team will be named the Winnipeg Jets. If indeed they call the team something other than the Jets, (the National Post says read more

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The latest conspiracy of Gary (Sun Belt) Bettman

[Cache – #21] The winters are long in Canada.  To accommodate hockey season, they have to be.  We Canadians know that the weather is just another Gary Bettman conspiracy – along with his endless conniving to keep hockey in the read more

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