You Deserve Better

[Cache #245]

By Andris Pone – President, Coin Branding

In the season of the summer read, perhaps the most important story you could consider is your own.  What is it, exactly?  And how well or poorly are you telling it?

If we are honest with ourselves, there is almost always a gap between what we want our brand story to be, and the way it’s actually being communicated.  The antidote to this brand gap, as straightforward as it is difficult, is superior talent and execution.

Just ask Ontario.  If you’ve seen the new video ads run by the province’s tourism commission, I don’t need to tell you how stunningly remarkable they are.

How so?


The product hasn’t changed:  Ontario is still Ontario.   But wait:  these ads actually have the audacity to not show the CN Tower.  To not show Parliament.  To not show Niagara Falls or the Blue Jays.  These ads show none of that – at least not in a way that is instantly identifiable.   And so the campaign’s tagline:  Where am I?

These ads, executed with a goosebumpingly-high level of expertise, make Ontario look like a place you’ve never been before.  Ontario’s slogan, Yours to Discover, has adorned its license plates since 1982.  But this is the first time in those 34 years that the province’s promotions have really knocked that core promise out of the park.

This is the first time the brand story has been masterfully well told.

Don’t wait that long.

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