Why they must be the Jets

Bulletin! The new owners of the former Atlanta Thrashers have not made a statement as to whether their team will be named the Winnipeg Jets. If indeed they call the team something other than the Jets, (the National Post says they will likely be the “Moose”: http://alturl.com/tkkbi), it would be a naming travesty of epicly epic proportions.

Hence this quick bulletin.

I look at it this simply: because Winnipeg is a very small market by NHL standards, they will need all the support they can get. If you call the team anything other than the Jets, the citizens of Winnipeg and the wider province will be very upset and derisive. You will have defied their clearly-stated desires and severed their emotional link with the past. You will take an enormous amount of air out of their party balloon, and yours.

Plus you will have named yourself after a slow dumb animal.

winnipeg jets logo

So the only sensible thing to do is call them the Winnipeg Jets. Or, you can call them the Manitoba Jets. The Jets of old were not just Winnipeg’s, but Manitoba’s. The province as a whole, not just Winnipeg, has an exceptionally deep history of hockey worship, and of producing some of history’s finest players. And the province as a whole could use the economic boost that would come from identifying the team with the entire geography.

Mark, David: do the right thing.

Have your say on what to call Winnipeg’s team (and see some very amusing suggestions) at the National Post: http://alturl.com/z3i3n

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