When you’re out of Effen ideas

[Cache – #58]

Elsewhere I have described FCUK, the name for a clothing brand, as “creatively bankrupt.”  When you resort to jumbling swearwords, you’re pretty much out of ideas.  But the name, which ostensibly stands for French Connection UK, is obviously popular with the legions of people who wear it on their chests.  Does that make the name a good one?

FCUK comes to mind because the Effen brand of vodka was just pointed out to me.  Here’s what Effen says about itself:

“When you order yourself a cocktail made with one of four smooth Effen® Vodkas, you tell those around you that you prefer products that emphasize design and balance form and function. Now, when you order someone else an Effen® cocktail, there’s no mistake: you tell them you have designs of your own.  The word Effen® literally means ‘smooth’ in Dutch. But it suggests something very different. Stylishly so.”

Creatively bankrupt, yes.  And effective branding – that moves product – too.

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