Vancouver: City of Losers

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All cities have brands.  In the year-and-a-bit since the massively successful Winter Olympics, Vancouver’s brand has been about good cheer, hospitality and victory.  Not any more.

Now it’s about weakness, anger, ugliness and abject failure – a principality overflowing with losers.  I am not referring to the Canucks.  Their Stanley Cup loss is completely beside the point.  While there was a major meltdown in net and in goal-scoring power, the Canucks were beaten by a better team, and what little shame that brings is dwarfed by Vancouverites’ own idiocy.

Watching the rioting live on TV, I was struck by the police and media refrain that the rioters weren’t “real” Canucks fans.  Bullsh|t.  They paid real money for the team jerseys and hats they wore, and for the game tickets they bought.

What we have is not a breakdown in pride among an isolated group of career troublemakers, but morons on a massive scale.  To be a loser, you need not have set a car on fire, punched a woman in the face or looted a store.  You and thousands like you need only to have stood around and photographed, videotaped or Facebooked the events for your own  pathetic self-gratification instead of going straight home or even better, having the self-respect to organize your greater numbers and stop the rioting yourselves.

There are some wonderful principality brands in North America.  Manitoba is Friendly ManitobaI love New YorkVirginia is for lovers.  But Vancouver?  Vancouver is for losers.


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