Trump trumps himself

[Cache – #23]

Do you know anyone whose name describes something about them?  In my first year of Little League baseball, there was this guy everyone called “Crouch” who crouched down so far when he was at bat, there was almost no strike zone.  I assumed that was how he got his nickname, but then realized that wasn’t his nickname at all – his last name just happened to be Crouch.

In high school, there was a guy known for his light fingers as well as running through a string of girls, and his last name, appropriately, was Fast.  In my first job after undergrad, at CP Hotels, there was a young lady by the name of Holly Wood, who seemed appropriately employed in public relations.  And when I lived in the Beach (or is it the Beaches?) area of Toronto a few years ago, there was a chiropractor on Queen Street by the last name of Bak.

And then there is Donald Trump.  Until his recent descent into conspiracy theories, Trump had mythic status in the popular imagination as the consummate dealmaker, befitting the definition of “trump” as a playing card or suit that beats all others.

Interesting that although The Donald is now best known as an ignorant jackass (even though many have always held that opinion), he has stayed within the boundaries of his last name, which is also defined as “to devise deceitfully or dishonestly, as an accusation; fabricate.”  Which, considering the nature of his accusations, shows just how rich a name can be.


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