The Self-Demolition of Donald Trump

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By Andris Pone – President, Coin Branding

No opponent, whether in the Republican or Democratic parties, whether in the press or in the public, is going to take down Donald Trump.

Instead, America’s Rob Ford will do it himself.  The mechanism will be his infinitely brittle ego, a wildly overblown sense of personal brand which he expresses not only in the form of the hate spewing with regularity from his mouth, but also to which he has attached a precise value.  The figure is $3.3-billion – the single largest component of his self-reported net worth of $9-billion.

Forbes, which for decades has been regarded as the global authority on estimating how rich the world’s richest people really are, and which has been tracking Trump’s finances for more than 30 years, begs to differ in the extreme with Donald’s rosy self-assessment.  They calculate his net worth at $4.1-billion, of which just $125-million (admittedly still a ton of money) can be attributed to Trump’s personal brand (See Trump Exaggerating His Net Worth [By 100%] In Presidential Bid).

To initiate the self-destruction of someone so self-absorbed, Donald’s opponents need only light the fuse, which eventually, will be done by pointing out with persistence that Trump’s businesses have declared bankruptcy four times, most recently in 2009.  TV personality Rosie O’Donnell sent Trump into skyscrapers of rage in 2006 when she claimed he had declared bankruptcy (it is unclear whether she claimed he had declared personal bankruptcy [which he had not] or not).  Donald’s thoughtful response was to call Rosie “fat” and “a real loser,” threaten legal action and exploit her self-acknowledged body-image issues to bully her without mercy, online and off, to this day.

Rosie may be a brawler in her own league, but she is but a powder puff compared to someone like Hillary Clinton or any number of Trump’s seasoned Republican adversaries, who could use Donald’s business struggles to undermine claims of self-competence so pristine, they make a North Korean dictator look like a shrinking violet.

And so it is not the fact that Trump has had failures – every entrepreneur has – but that there is an Achilles heel to his supposed multi-billion-dollar personal brand, one which will destroy his presidential ambitions:  an utter deficit of humility.

With thanks to subscriber Susanne for the inspiration.

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