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Welcome to my world. In which, on average, 199 out of 200 of my ideas are shot down by clients. Such is the nature of the beast. You have to throw a lot of names against the wall to arrive at greatness – at a name that tells your story and connects with stakeholders while doing many specific jobs.

If you answered my call for ideas on a new name for my blog – THANK YOU. You came up with some good ones. And of course this challenge is completely unfair, in that you probably don’t know what my company name is going to be. All the more credit to you for your efforts. You have created a great opportunity for us to learn together about the discipline of naming.

I am just mentioning the statistics above to prep you for some polite rejection. But I sincerely intend the feedback below to be appreciative, so please read it in that spirit.

Here are the highlights of the brief you had to work from:

1.“My new company name will speak to the fact that naming your brand effectively will help your bottom line / help you make money.”

2.“The new blog name must refer, directly or indirectly, to Friday morning.”

And here are the potential names I received and my feedback to them. All of these submissions are posted in the comments section of last week’s blog.

Names submitted by Glenn:

TGI efficacious

Cite Friday

Brand New Friday

ROI Friday


For the most part, Glenn nailed the Friday and money requirements. In particular, the way Friday and ROI (“Return on Investment”) have been melded into FROIday is very creative, resulting in a name that is very memorable, highly distinct and communicates the essence of the blog’s brand. Honourable mention for TGI Efficacious, which again is very creative – and if I was a cleaning product, I would jump all over it. 🙂

Submitted by FK:

Friday Java

TGIFB – Thank God It’s Friday Blog

Friday Wake-Up Call

Fried Egg Blog

Fried Eggs and Brands

Brand-it Friday

Friday Brand Club

In Fried Egg Blog especially, there is the very clever use of Fried Egg, a morning food, as a reference to Friday (maybe we should call it Fryday or Friedday?). Similar, smart double meanings are present in some of FK’s other names. The missing element (as far as I can see) is the money reference.

Submitted by AA:

Branded by Friday

Building Brands One Friday at a Time

Brand Me Friday Blog

Name It Friday Blog

Friday: It Ain’t Just a Word

Of course I get a kick out of Friday: It Ain’t Just a Word, because I appreciate the reference to Brand: It Ain’t the Logo. Also, for the first time in all of the above names, there is an overt reference to naming – an important component – in Name it Friday Blog and again in Friday: It Ain’t Just a Word. The missing element is again the reference to making money / boosting your bottom line.

Submitted by NM:

TGIF: Branding Bang for a Buck Blog

Again we have the uncommon reference to money, and to value for money at that, in Bang for a Buck. While I believe in delivering excellent value, my worry would be that clients will think my prices are cheap. NM, is there a way to maintain the money reference but avoid the low-price connotation?

Submitted by Mark Gunnion:

Eagle Flies

An idea from no less than a professional namer. Thank you Mark.

I have to admit that at first, I didn’t understand this name at all. It could be because I’m Canadian. Eagle Flies, as Mark explains, is a reference to the bald eagle on American currency, as sung in Stormy Monday, a blues tune; a line in the song goes “The eagle flies on Friday”, referring to how people are in many cases paid on Friday.

See here for the full explanation from Mark (you can even watch Stormy Monday on YouTube). Mark, if I was based in the US, this could be viable. Up here, a beer or bacon reference would hold more promise. 🙂

To those who’ve contributed names, I would love to see your second round of ideas. And if you haven’t submitted a potential name, there is still time – I hope to launch the new blog next Friday.

Thanks again for the learning.


COMING SOON: A fully updated and revised edition of the Globe and Mail-bestselling Brand: It Ain’t the Logo* (*It’s what people think of you) – with a new chapter on naming


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