She’s Oprah. We’re not.

[Cache – #13]

OWN, Oprah’s new TV network, is easily one of the easiest initial names to remember in the history of brands.  But let’s not take it as license to initiate initial names of our own, but as the exception that proves the rule, which is that initial names – with the exception of bacronyms like MADD – are very rarely a good idea.

While it is true that OWN’s status as a real word helps its memorability, the fact that it’s comprised of Oprah’s initials is the reason it truly anchors in the mind.

It all starts with O.  Because it’s an uncommon first letter for a name, O is more likely to lead us to Oprah than S is to a particular name that starts with S, for example.  Then there is the fact that Oprah‘s nickname is O, and that she named her magazine O.

Naturally, these facts would be pointless if not for Oprah’s incredible celebrity as one of the richest women who has ever lived, and certainly the richest and most influential self-made woman in history.  And even that might not be enough if she wasn’t so incredibly lovable.

So if you have all of that going for you, please, go ahead – initial away.


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