Personal Branding and The Case of the Stupid Scholar

[Cache – #95]

What would you think of someone who thinks Prague is a country?  Or who thinks there’s a country called Lithuanian?  Or who is trying to raise money for dementia research but spells it “Dementai,” thinks researching is spelled “ressearching” and that pharmaceutical is spelled “pharemcutical”?

I’m guessing you wouldn’t consider such an individual to be very bright.  Except that she’s a Fulbright Scholar with a Ph.D in Health Studies from New York University – who left an error-riddled appeal for funds on LinkedIn, for all the world to see.

It’s accepted wisdom that it’s the kids – the Millennials and younger – who can’t express a coherent or fully-thought-out idea online.  What I’ve noticed is quite different.  It is some Gen Xers – but especially the Baby Boomers and older – who don’t see the importance of spelling, punctuation, capitalization, spacing, writing in complete sentences or using paragraphs to distinguish one of their ideas from the next.  Which is absolutely brutal for their personal brands.

Why can’t they be bothered?

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