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I recently moved to the burgeoning King Street West area of Toronto, and have been getting to know the various establishments the neighbourhood has to offer.  Looking for places to have lunch today, I walked by the brilliantly clear The One That Got Away.  Across the street is The Spoke Club, a members-only establishment that positions itself as the centre of networking opportunities and also connotes the variety of conversations one might have inside.  Kitty corner is KiWe, a restaurant name derived from King West, but which leaves one wondering how to pronounce it:  “KeeWee”?  Kih-Weh”?

Nearby is For Your Eyes Only, a “gentleman’s club,” shall we say, named cheekily after a Bond movie of the same name while connoting the secretive nature of what you’ll see inside.  Just north is nightclub Devil’s Martini.  In recent years, this area has become much more populated, but in the late 90s, this spot was considered very much out of the way.  The bar occupying Devil’s space at that time was MFN, which was short form for My Favourite Nightclub – but was referred to by patrons as Middle of F****** Nowhere.  Not any more, as the condos continue to sprout.
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