Names and taglines: Valentine’s edition

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Valentine’s Day comes but once a year, but in the world of brands, love is always in the air.  There are more than 1,700 trademarks in Canada for brand names and taglines containing the word love.  Among the several entries for Love at First Bite are a pizza place and a catering business.  There is a hair salon called Love at First Cut, a diner called Love at First Sip, the self-explanatory Love is Blinds, and an Elvis lyric applied to body-shaping jeans:  Love me Slender.

While it is mostly small businesses that believe in lovely brand names, major corporations have long had love in their taglines.  Ronald McDonald House is The house that love built.  Charlie, a new condo development from Great Gulf Homes, are Condos that love you.  IKEA may now say that Any space can be beautiful, but used to say Love your home.

Other old flames are We love to fly and it shows from Delta Airlines and I love this game from the NBA.  In our long and furtive love affair with fast food, there has been Burger King’s You’re gonna love us and Pizza Hut’s promise, You’ll love the stuff we’re made of.  In the present day is McDonald’s recently-renewed and now long-standing I’m lovin’ it.

The tagline at XM Canada is Love to listen ( and BlackBerry’s new tagline is Love what you do – a seeming intrusion on Starbucks’ use of the same slogan for recruitment.  Of special interest at this time of year, Peoples Jewellers call themselves The Diamond Store, but were formerly For people who love diamonds, and also People who love people.

We’d all love to know:  what words of affection, romance or passion are in the names and taglines you crush on?


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