If Canada Loses Today

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When Sidney Crosby scored four years ago, for a moment I thought I would pass out.  Maybe it was from jumping up too fast, but really it was from the following overwhelming feeling:  relief.

Not the unadulterated joy of victory, but the relief of knowing that we were the best in the world, period.  And almost as much, relief from knowing that the next four years would not be comprised of an endless Summit Series.  Not the type of 1972, but of self-flagellation in the form of grim meetings of the greatest hockey “minds” our country has to offer, along with the inevitable Royal Commission On The Quality of Our National Game, Which Is Clearly Falling Apart And Signals The Very Disintegration Of Our Society As We Know It, Which Is A Very Bad Thing Except That It Might, With Luck, Mean Less Don Cherry.

canadian women hockey goal post

But wait.  We only won by one goal, and that was in overtime.  Celebration erupted.  Royal Commission averted.  The fact that our best players were barely better than Beer League?  Forgotten.

Is the line between greatness and stinking really that thin?  In any arena that is intensely competitive, yes – because the margin of victory is destined to be narrow.  So if we intend to get to the height of our game and stay there, we must be eternally vigilant.  Or as Red Green would have it, in the most Canadian of warm admonishments, “Keep your stick on the ice.”

Boys:  please win today.  Please.  If not for yourselves, if not for national pride – if not so we can enjoy the next four years – then at least for being rid of Bieber.

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