How To Turn Over A New Leaf

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By Andris Pone – President, Coin Branding

The New Year is here and opportunities abound.

Could this be the year to change your logo?  It could very well make a difference for your business, or for your hockey team (hello, Maple Leafs) – if, and only if, your brand (which is of course your culture) is capable of backing it up.

Or maybe this is the year to change your name.  Do it, Marine Le Pen, for it will be successful – only if you are committed to actually exorcising the demons from your party, as opposed to simply wanting to shed your “demonized” image.

This could even be the year to change some or all elements of your brand foundation:  perhaps your core purpose statement, or your vision, or your tagline.  Go for it! – if you are fully willing to live it in everything you do, instead of paying it mere lip service.

For 2016 can be a year of great substance.

IN THE MEDIA:  In the National Post re Amazon and Etsy; oCBC Radio One re Volkswagen; in the National Post re Mac’s convenience stores.
NEW VIDEO: Check out my presentation in Houston earlier this year (to client USG) on what a brand really is.  (For the abbreviated version, start at 3:45 and stop at about 6:00.  For the longer version, watch the whole thing.)

Coin Branding president Andris Pone is co-author of the Globe and Mail #1-bestselling Brand: It Ain’t the Logo and appears as a branding expert on CBC’s The National, CBC Radio One, the Globe and Mail, National Post and other media outlets.

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