Saucy hot sauce names

[Cache – #76]

One of my brothers likes to brag about how hot he can take his hot sauce.  So I found a shop completely dedicated to the stuff.  There were rows of shelves on each wall; the higher the shelf, the hotter the sauce.

I grabbed a ladder.

On the very top shelf was a bottle adorned with a black cape, and a skull for a cap. Perfect.  Its name was a play on Grim Reaper; for the sake of politeness I will say only that it made a gallows humour promise of profound intestinal distress. (Click here if you’d like to see the name).

And so I was deeply gratified when my brother made an admission (it being highly unusual for an older brother to ever admit anything) that the sauce was “really hot.”

With the hot weather today and barbeque season in full swing, hot sauce is again on the brain.  Like the variation on Grim Reaper, naming conventions in this field stress that at a minimum, this is going to hurt, and at a maximum, this is going to kill you.  Which hot sauce afficionados seem to find quite funny.

Here are some of the somewhat printable names.  Have a glass of water handy.

Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper

Satan’s Rage

Blair’s Pure Death

Lethal Ingestion

Widow’s Hot Sauce – No Survivors

Holy Sh__ Habanero

Crazy Jerry’s Mustard Gas


A__ in the Tub Special Reserve


For more saucy names, check out Hot Sauce World.

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