Mobilicity: higher intelligence

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It’s not the type of mascot that counts, it’s how you use it. That was the key point of my recent comments on Mobilicity in the National Post.

Koodo, for example, has an animated, Spanish-accented wrestler as its icon. Although a wrestler does not easily conjure up meaningful associations with cell phone service, one can imagine ways in which such a character could be made relevant: maybe he piledrives high prices and puts spotty service in a sleeper hold – something like that.

mobilicity aliens

The reality is that Koodo’s wrestler is largely useless at conveying key brand attributes, mainly owing to his impenetrable accent. I’ve seen many of Koodo’s ads on TV and really have no idea what they’re trying to get across (in fact they could be saying some of the above…I just can’t tell).

Bell’s beavers (bonus points if you can remember their names) are a similar case in point. They were wildly successful at generating brand awareness, but Bell made no effort to make them demonstrative of the brand’s mobile offering. The beavers were just cute and funny.

But beavers being industrious and quintessentially Canadian, it would not be difficult to imagine creating situations for the spokesbeavers in which they were working hard for Canadians to ensure great customer service and connectivity throughout the country, keep prices low, etc., etc.

And now Mobilicity has rolled out a pair of cute aliens to convey that choosing Mobilicity is smart, as per the brand’s new tagline: “Now that’s smart.” Bravo to Mobilicity: on its face, the link between aliens and higher intelligence is obvious. The challenge now and for the future is to put the extraterrestrials in situations that clearly convey just how smart we are, and why.

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