Best and worst brand names of the week – Friday September 30

Best brand names of the week

Kindle Fire – the name of Amazon’s new tablet, Fire obviously works very well with Kindle. But I worry that Amazon doesn’t actually have a naming strategy, since Fire is the first of Kindle’s apparently five versions to actually relate to “Kindle” in a meaningful way.

Bagster – it’s not a dumpster. It’s not a bag. It’s a Bagster, by Waste Management. Brilliant.

And three names from Roncesvalles Avenue in Toronto, the hottest place I’ve ever seen for great names:

Fetch – a “Canine Social Club”. Instantly connotes dogs as well as their smashing good looks.

Grateful Head – multi-layered meaning makes this name, for a hair salon, an instant classic.

Gurt – what do they sell? Obviously.

Worst brand names of the week

Cenovus – Cen stands for “century”, and novus for “new”. Hence an oil company built for the 21st century. They make an admirable effort to explain their name on their website. But Cenovus is still unpleasant to say and will not catch on in the imagination.

Qriocity – it’s not easy to create a name that actually looks ugly. Congratulations, Sony! Actually, it was apparently too unsightly to live, and has been rebranded as Sony Entertainment Network.

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