Best and worst brand names of the week – Oct 21, 2011

Best brand names of the week

Ice Cream Sandwich – the latest Android operating system.  Each new release is named after a dessert:  the first was Cupcake, the second was Donut.  Very unconventional for this industry, and very attention-getting.  BlackBerry, are you watching?

BELT – Tim Hortons’ clever riff on the classic BLT.  This one includes Egg.

FotoPunch – a very cool timecard system, in which employees punch in and out via facial recognition software on their smartphones.

Pupcasso – fun name for a fun product:  finger painting for dogs.


Worst brand name of the week

Evoque – the new Range Rover.  People will have a hard time pronouncing it as Range Rover intends.  Exactly what they intend, I have no idea.


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