Best and worst brand names of the week – Friday Oct 14, 2011

Best brand names


Cancer Bites – a brilliant alignment of name with cause:  fighting blood cancers.  Their first campaign to be unveiled (when else?) this Halloween.

Muttballs – a cute name, from Pablo the Dog, that immediately gets the message across.  Made from “lean beef and organs from humanely-treated cattle raised on real food.”

Belong – a new upscale restaurant in Toronto’s Evergreen Brickworks.  Smartly derived from the name of celebrity chef Brad Long, Belong’s messaging focuses on the sense of belonging provided by organic and natural foods served in a warm, friendly, rustic environment.

Grainstorm – “Imagine baked goods that are actually nourishing, real food.  And, incredibly delicious.”


Worst brand names


Holy Crap – a breakfast cereal, and truly one of the worst names I have ever seen.  If there was a single bit of messaging on the package about digestive health, this might start to make sense (consider the great name Bowel Buddies).  But there isn’t.

Stride – a new Old Spice deodorant for which P&G is heavily advertising.  Alongside the relatively new Stride gum, for which Kraft was already heavily advertising.


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