Best and worst brand names of the week – Friday September 16

Best brand names

Mombacho – a premium cigar brand named after the site in which its tobacco is grown: Mombacho volcano in Nicaragua. The back story is that volcanic ash contributes to soil fertility, resulting in optimal tobacco-growing conditions. And, for its bombast and exotic sound, a kickass name.

mombacho cigars – normally I’m against ’licious names because they’re all copied on Bootylicious by Beyonce and Destiny’s Child. And they sound awkward and contrived. In contrast, this one is elegant and immediately conveys what the brand is about.

OrKidstra – can you guess what this program is about? Of course you can.

McCrazy Burger – a parody coined in a fake news story by The Onion.,4501/


Worst brand names

Hard Rock Nails – seen on an “opening soon” sign. An obvious rip-off of Hard Rock Cafe.

Reveralicious – the name of a new menu program at Revera, the chain of retirement homes I named. But I had nothing to do with this moniker, which sounds like old people being eaten.  (Says a friend of mine).




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