Basic Funerals: Scared Stiff

[Cache – #54]

Not everyone wants a bare bones funeral.  Which is why the name Basic Funerals is so bold:  it very clearly positions the company as the choice for inexpensive funerals, period.

So why are we now seeing billboards proclaiming “We do fancy funerals too”?  Answer: not everyone wants a bare bones funeral.  Basic Funerals has positioned itself in a narrow niche and is discovering it’s a chilling proposition to not pursue the business of every last living human being.

But that’s the trade-off inherent in strong brand positioning and names that reflect it.  No one who wants a fancy funeral is going to believe that a company called Basic Funerals is capable of pulling off a fancy funeral, no matter what a billboard says.  And many of the people who were already sold on the idea of a cheap funeral will now be wondering exactly how committed Basic Funerals is to bargain-basement deliveries into the beyond.

Adopt a position – even better, adopt a name that conveys that position – and stick with it.

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