Bar Rescue: America Live is a name that sings

Here’s a crazy thought:  give your brand a name that actually says something about your brand and how it’s unique.  Wouldn’t such a name make it easier for you to tell others what makes you special?  And wouldn’t such a name make it easier for your potential customers to quickly get a sense of what you offer and why they should patronize you?

To the sane among us, these would seem like easy questions to answer.  Yet there are legions of brand owners out there who, judging from the names they choose for their businesses, should be expecting a visit from the men in the white coats.  On that basis, Barry Rogers – owner of a bar called Win Place or Show on the latest episode of Spike TV’s Bar Rescue – was a guy who should have been looking over his shoulder.

Creaking under the incredible stress of being $100,000 in debt, perhaps Barry would have considered a straight jacket to be a fine gift.  But instead of buckling, this decorated US Navy veteran called in bar turnaround tough guy Jon Taffer to get his establishment on an even keel.  Or more to the point, to save it from Barry’s business partner Rudy, a middle-aged wannabe rockstar polluting the bar with music bad enough to empty the place night after night.

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As Jon has demonstrated on previous episodes, his paramount concern is figuring out how to reposition the failing bar.  By “reposition” he means:  coming up with a concept/theme for the establishment that staff and ownership are capable of executing on – one that differentiates the bar from competitors and makes its value proposition abundantly clear to potential customers.

One of the most efficient and effective means of communicating a new position is to give the business a new name that conveys the essence of that position.  On that score, the replacement name for Win Place or Show – America Live – is a clear winner.  The foundation of Jon’s repositioning exercise was the fact that Win Place or Show was in the American heartland – in Fairfield, Ohio, just miles away from the state of Kentucky.  The food and beverage components of the new brand position would thus be middle-American staples:  barbeque and American whiskey.

Rounding out the basis for America Live’s positioning is the fact that the bar is known as a live music venue – despite the best efforts of past owner Rudy to blast away patrons with his crap music.  But this new iteration of the bar would feature live acts of much higher quality – to pack the place as opposed to clearing it out.

Even a highly-meaningful name like America Live can be made more effective by a great logo and related brand artwork.

They’re the final touches on a fully-integrated experience in which the essence of the brand – American whiskey, American barbeque and American live music, all in the American heartland – is communicated and reinforced at every customer touchpoint.


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