All caps: Just don’t do it

[Cache – #7]

I recently advised a client not to proceed with developing their name in all capital letters.  “All cap” names present a number of problems that are best avoided altogether by simply presenting your name in “title case,” i.e. capitalizing only the first letter of each word in your name.

All cap names:

  • make it seem like you are shouting
  • give the impression that your brand has an inferiority complex – that you feel you can make up for what lacks in your product/service by shouting about it
  • in contrast, can convey that you are arrogant and self-important
  • will be misused by your own staff.  Sometimes they will type/write it in all caps, and sometimes they won’t.
  • will be ignored by most media outlets and for that matter, almost anyone mentioning your name.  ING DIRECT has an all cap name that, due to media outlets’ editorial policy, will be presented in most media as ING Direct.  A similar issue is confronted by brands with names that are all small letters – such as adidas, who almost always find their name printed as Adidas.  Only, and then only maybe, will these names’ capitalization schemes be respected by publications that specialize in branding, advertising and/or marketing
  • if you type your name in the subject field of an email you’re drafting, your recipients’ spam filters are more likely to send your message to junk.


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