Admit it: your smartphone is your lover

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We like our technology devices.  A lot.  As discussed in a recent Philter whitepaper, research done by Microsoft Advertising even supports categorizing our relationships with our devices in accordance with Jungian archetypes.  The PC is the Sage, the TV is the Jester and the mobile phone is the Lover:

“It’s always close to you, its content is highly personal, it allows you to connect with friends and family (though voice, text and email) and most of the research participants would rather lose their wallet than their phone.”

So:  if your smartphone was your lover, what kind of lover would it be?  Bold?  Light you up like a Torch?  Or would you best describe it as B3310?…

Dear reader:  This week’s Friday Morning Blog is a guest blog I wrote for Philter Communications.  To read more, click here.


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