A Gap in logic: how not to change your name

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It is unfortunate, but a fact of life, that sometimes an organization is forced to change its name.  Such is the case with Gap Adventures, a very well-known and successful Toronto-based tour company just successfully sued by The Gap clothing store for trademark infringement.

gap logo re gap adventures trademark lawsuit

When confronted by a situation such as this, it is best to change your name in a way that puts the unfortunate episode behind you once and for all.  Gap Adventures, however, made the mistake of changing its name to G Adventures.  Why a mistake?  Because every new employee and customer will wonder what the G stands for.  And then they will ask the poor G employees what it stands for.  And then the poor G employees will have to explain, again and again, that it used to stand for “Gap”, but that The Gap sued our asses and so we just changed the name, tail between our legs, to G.

G Adventures

It’s a depressing story to endlessly tell, a permanent distraction.  I am sure it is already driving G employees – not to mention their founder, Bruce Poon Tip – bonkers.

Happily there are signs that G may eventually give way to a better name:  Tip describes the change to G as one “that’s an evolutionary step into the future.”

But for the time being – until G changes its name to a full word – they’ve got some explaining to do.


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