A Fairy Tale from Public Mobile

[Cache – #57]

Public Mobile is a great name – theoretically, at least.  Its potential greatness lies in the storytelling possibilities it opens up.  The word “public” helps tell the central brand story:  that Public is different from the big bad corporate providers  (Bell, Rogers and Telus) by being more sensitive and accessible to the common person.  And so the tagline:  Everybody talk.

Selling cellphones in public spaces is a smart and brand-aligned way of bringing Public’s story to life.  Unless, that is, the vendors charged with selling them are doing everything in their power not to.  Check out this photo, taken this week in Toronto’s subway system.

Public Mobile in TTC

It tells you everything you need to know about how well Public’s subway strategy has worked.  Not every vendor keeps Public’s phones on the ground, but every one of them absolutely treats the display like garbage:  they are universally dirty and neglected.

If you ever put your brand identity in the hands of another organization, make sure you have final signoff on how it will be used, and recourse to correct any disrespect.  Most important of all, understand in the first place that the appearance of your brand identity is something to zealously protect.

It’s time for Public Mobile to bring their central story to life by other means.  It’s time for them to take their own brand seriously.

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