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  1. Andris and Associates says:

    Here are some ideas just received…I will mull them over…what do you think – do they fit the creative brief? How can they be modified or improved, or what ideas do they conjure for you?

    Friday Java
    TGIFB – thank god its Friday blog
    Friday Wake-Up Call
    Fried Egg Blog
    Fried Eggs and Brands
    Brand-it Friday
    Friday Brand Club

  2. Andris and Associates says:

    More ideas just received…keep them coming, and I will give my feedback next week. Thanks to AA for these.

    Branded by Friday
    Friday: It Ain’t Just a Word
    Building Brands One Friday at a Time
    Brand Me Friday Blog
    Name It Friday Blog

  3. Andris and Associates says:

    Another idea – thanks NM:

    TGIF: Branding Bang for a Buck Blog.

  4. Andris and Associates says:

    More ideas received. I will review them on this Friday’s Blog.

    Thanks to AP:
    Friday’s Coin View
    Friday’s Coin Cues
    Friday’s Coin Guide
    Friday’s Coin Keys
    Friday’s Coin Hints
    Friday’s Coin Tips
    Friday’s Coin Clues
    Friday’s Coin Day

  5. Mark Gunnion says:

    Ah, I just now notice that you’re in Canada. In the US, for a long time, we’ve had an expression – you may have heard it in the lyrics of the classic blues song called “Stormy Monday”. The expression is “The Eagle flies on Friday.” It means, “Payday is Friday”, because people used to get paid weekly (some still do) on Fridays here, and because most American currency has a bald eagle on it somewhere. The expression came to be used as a way of saying, Hang on, we’ll get paid soon – as when somebody says, “Man, I’m almost broke!”, you may respond with, “Well, the eagle flies on Friday.” Since most of your concerns in the blog are about commerce, marketing, and business, and you want to communicate that it comes out on Fridays, I thought Eagle Flies would communicate those points. You could make a visual joke out of a pun – putting a bald eagle’s head and beak on a six-legged “fly” body, perhaps! However, this name might only have resonance among Americans – and Blues fans.


  6. Glenn Sheridan says:

    Clearly I do not know the new name, otherwise my suggestions would be better than…
    TGI efficacious
    Cite Friday
    Brand New Friday

    And my faves,


    ROI Friday

  7. Glenn Sheridan says:

    First of all, COIN, that is flipping brilliant, sir. Consider this cap duly doffed. So far past clever, it is approaching genius.

    Secondly, I feel we are being toyed with here, a bit. If you already have a name for the Friday Blog, unleash it, set it free! It cannot be healthy, confining such things to your brain.

    That being said, I can play along for a little while longer.

    The… Dumdee dum, let’s see…
    Flipping Friday
    The (Friday) Coin Collection
    The Coin Roll Call
    The Coin Wrap Up
    Flip-side Friday
    The Friday Heads up
    Coin Sort
    A Week’s Worth
    Or you could take any word ending in “ment” and replace the ‘e’ with an ‘i’ and then see how awkward that looks, and then go fix your sandwich, and shake your head and say “hmmm… now THAT is cheesy!”

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