4 Responses to Why This Logo Is Perfect For Toronto

  1. Arijit Banik says:

    Ford Brothers bring a new meaning to “The Greatest Show on Earth!”

  2. Andris says:

    Step right up!

  3. I guess the question is – does the show go on?

    And if it does, what does that mean?

    Is this one of the end-points of the “authenticity” mantra we hear so often in social media marketing? Like any success (and Fords approval numbers in the face of all this mess I think must be measured by some as success), are there people studying Ford to determine the formula to reality-TV authentic politico success.

    In other words, when will we see a Ford-in-the-can _creation_ on the politico field? Brand foundation, logo & all… Or would that be the Tea Party?

  4. Andris Pone says:

    Well Brent, as circus master PT Barnum put it, there is a sucker born every minute. And I think your Tea Party reference is bang on: there is plenty of evidence that conservatives in the US are getting dumber all the time and are dumber than their liberal counterparts, as David Frum has argued and just picked up by Macleans magazine.

    One could argue that people like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman, whose frightening lack of talent and brains, along with supporters who blindly require no accountability at all, presaged Ford.

    Thanks for your comment Brent –