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WestJet and the High Cost of Ownership

[Cache #191] By Andris Pone President, Coin Branding – It is the Holy Grail of brand positioning:  for your target audience to instantly, unanimously associate you with one or perhaps two positive words. Exceedingly few brands – whether organization, product, service or personal read more

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Branding: Why bother?

[Cache - #32] Being different is the essence of branding. If you’re not different, you’re the same – so why would anyone choose you instead of your competitors? To establish and perpetuate your point(s) of difference, there are many tools read more

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Developing your tagline: be different

A brand position is defined as how we are different. And a tagline is defined as how we say we are different. Think of Subway. When most people think about what makes them different from their fast food competitors, they read more

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The results are in: Apple, Porter are the decade’s top brands

It’s Apple in a landslide. Thanks to those who participated in this poll, which asked: Based on positioning and consistency, which brand do you think is the best of the decade? Here are the results as of December 31: Apple read more

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Top 10 Best Brands of the Decade

The essence of branding is being different. The logic is simple: if you hope to outperform competitors, you must give customers reasons to do business with you instead of someone else. And so you must clearly articulate these reasons in read more

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