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Why Ellen’s ED Will Work

[Cache #205] By Andris Pone – President, Coin Branding — What’s “ED”? It could be Ed, as in a man’s name, or ee-dee, as in initials which may or may not stand for erectile dysfunction.  It turns out it’s the first of these possibilities, Ed, and read more

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The Beer Store’s Brand Goggles

[Cache #192] By Andris Pone President, Coin Branding — Yes, a brand is what people think of you.  And in a recent moment of inspiration, I suggested that even more important is what we think of ourselves.  But: too high a level of read more

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Target Comment in the National Post

I had a very nice conversation with Hollie Shaw, business reporter at the National Post, yesterday.  The article is here or by clicking on the image below. —

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Why Target Missed

[Cache #185] By Andris Pone President, Coin Branding — The Target debacle has been so spectacular, it has endowed the following maxim with new meaning: “The only thing harder than building a brand is changing one.” In the context of Target, read more

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