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Second Cup’s Only Shot

[Cache #181] By Andris Pone President, Coin Branding — If, in your heart of hearts, you doubt our nagging claim that too many organizations fundamentally don’t know what a brand is, you need look no further than the just announced “rebranding” of read more

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Aeroplan Flies Too Close

[Cache #160] The central purpose of branding is to help people understand how you are different.  On this basis, how different is your brand if it has the same name and/or tagline as someone else? If that someone else happens not to be in the read more

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Starbucks Better Be Asking: “What’s That Smell??”

[Cache – #97] Coming soon:  Best and Worst Brand Names of 2012 ** There has long been an opportunity for someone to challenge Starbucks in Canada. Those who know me know that I ought to know – that’s how dedicated read more

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Getting MADD

[Cache – #37] I’ve often railed against initial names for several reasons, first among them that they dull or eliminate a brand’s meaning. But a fine exception is MADD – again the go-to resource for statistics and comment in the read more

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Second Cup is Second Best

[Cache – #36] Pretty much any brand name can be distorted into a derogatory (and often accurate) nickname. KFC alone has Kentucky Fried Pigeon, Kentucky Ducky and Dirty Bird. Jet Blue became JetFU after that flight attendant’s intercom tirade and read more

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Names and taglines: Valentine’s edition

[Cache – #11] Valentine’s Day comes but once a year, but in the world of brands, love is always in the air.  There are more than 1,700 trademarks in Canada for brand names and taglines containing the word love.  Among read more

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Exactly how sticky is Starbucks’ new Trenta?

[Cache – #10] Here is the one thing you are sure to remember about this blogpost:  That Starbucks’ new Trenta size is larger than the average human stomach. You’ll remember this point because it’s “sticky”: the term Chip and Dan read more

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The results are in: Apple, Porter are the decade’s top brands

It’s Apple in a landslide. Thanks to those who participated in this poll, which asked: Based on positioning and consistency, which brand do you think is the best of the decade? Here are the results as of December 31: Apple read more

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Top 10 Best Brands of the Decade

The essence of branding is being different. The logic is simple: if you hope to outperform competitors, you must give customers reasons to do business with you instead of someone else. And so you must clearly articulate these reasons in read more

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