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Porter’s Brand Is In A Nosedive

[Cache #169] My mentor Ted Matthews created the most meaningful and elegant definition in the world of branding:  A brand is what people think of you. There is a second part of his definition that is not quite as well known, but equally powerful and crisp:  Brand is read more

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You, too, can master your domain (best and worst names of the week)

[Cache - #50] Names have jobs to do. Vote on which ones do them best and worst. When trying to decide upon a new brand name, clients frequently become concerned that they won’t be able to secure that precise domain read more

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No problem

[Cache - #28] It is very difficult to be different.  Yet owning a meaningful difference in customers’ minds is the essence of branding.  Hence my great respect for the positioning of Dyson’s line of vacuum cleaners as expressed in their read more

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Walking to the airport

[Cache - #26] Later this month, I’m going to catch a plane by walking to the airport.  Conjures up images of me slogging along the side of the highway with 18-wheelers blowing by, I know.  And then you might wonder read more

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What New Yorkers want to know

[Cache - #18] I am in New York for a few days on business.  While here, I’ve met a few people who travel regularly to my home of Toronto.  When they find out I live there, here’s the first thing read more

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The results are in: Apple, Porter are the decade’s top brands

It’s Apple in a landslide. Thanks to those who participated in this poll, which asked: Based on positioning and consistency, which brand do you think is the best of the decade? Here are the results as of December 31: Apple read more

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Top 10 Best Brands of the Decade

The essence of branding is being different. The logic is simple: if you hope to outperform competitors, you must give customers reasons to do business with you instead of someone else. And so you must clearly articulate these reasons in read more

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