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Almost 100: The best of the Friday Morning Blog

[Cache – #91] The 100th edition of Cache will soon be upon us.  So I thought I would take two of the next nine Fridays to look back at some notable posts (read: the ones I especially like) of the past two read more

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[Cache – #22] We all have words, names or labels that bug us.  Near the top of my list is “utilize,” which someone once told me is ironically useless because there is no circumstance in which you cannot use “use” read more

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What’s your Vote? The Best New Brand Names of 2010

[Cache – #5] What makes a great brand name?  First and foremost, it takes great effort and rigorous process.  Next, intrinsic to the name must be, principally, two interdependent things:  meaning and memorability. Why bother putting in the time and effort that’s read more

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iPad: Apple will get the last laugh

There have been plenty of jokes about the iPad name referencing a certain feminine hygiene product. Some people have even suggested that the iPad’s name is a blunder that will ultimately doom the product. My reaction is to ask: should read more

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