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The Price You Don’t Have to Pay

[Cache #189] By Andris Pone President, Coin Branding – “Advertising is the price you pay for having an unremarkable product.” Jeff Bezos CEO Amazon Clients and others often tell me, with a measure of pride in their voices, that most read more

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More Proof of Remark-ability, from Apple


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Almost 100: The best of the Friday Morning Blog

[Cache - #91] The 100th edition of Cache will soon be upon us.  So I thought I would take two of the next nine Fridays to look back at some notable posts (read: the ones I especially like) of the past two read more

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“I hate them all.”

[Cache - #71] “I hate them all. MacMan is better.” That’s what Steve Jobs said when first presented with a list of potential names for the new home computer that would make or break the comeback of Apple in 1998.  read more

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Who really cares if they own a Toshiba?

[Cache - #59] Do you know what brand of computer or cell phone you own?  If you own an Apple, you probably think this is a stupid question.  Your answer to it will be a quick “yes.”  Everyone who owns read more

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BlackBerry BBX: the wrong name for a brand in a jam

[Cache - #44] Central to RIM’s tanking stock price – down more than 50% in the past year – is the complaint among analysts and consumers alike that the company has been almost entirely ineffective at making its products competitive read more

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From iMac to iSad: The brand names of Steve Jobs

[Cache - #42] * iSad. iRIP.  These were just two of the expressions of grief and tribute circulating on Twitter last night to the late Steve Jobs.  On the surface they may seem simplistic.  But that is precisely the point.  They read more

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Allusive brand names. Get it?

[Cache - #17] By Roma Chopra, Research Associate When naming, there are two broad categories of name types to arrive at:  descriptive and allusive. The descriptive name, as its title states, affirms some quality by which a brand wishes to read more

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The results are in: Apple, Porter are the decade’s top brands

It’s Apple in a landslide. Thanks to those who participated in this poll, which asked: Based on positioning and consistency, which brand do you think is the best of the decade? Here are the results as of December 31: Apple read more

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