Take this idea. Please.

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I have a business idea for you:  start a Toronto cab company and require that all your drivers have fresh breath and no BO.  With a brand position so utterly revolutionary, you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams. 

Alas, a dream this will likely remain – because I seem to recall the city is not in the practice of issuing new licenses, and that the cost of buying a license from an existing owner is prohibitive.  But surely it is acceptable to fantasize for just a moment.  What names can we conjure up for such an incredible enterprise?  Pick your favourite or suggest an alternative:

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2 Responses to Take this idea. Please.

  1. Great idea, I have often thought the Taxi biz in Toronto is in dire need of a rethink. Since Taxi license availability is an issue I would suggest taking a private sector approach and offer a car sharing service (similar to zipcar, autoshare …) but with a chauffeur, but don’t call it a taxi to get around the licensing.

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