6 Responses to Best and Worst New Brand Names of 2012 include Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend, Fiat Abarth

  1. You might like this one, close to my long-legged heart. A great GTA store/brand called LongLegs sends out frequent sale and promotion emails. Fine. But I get one last week where they announce they’ve changed their name. The new name, though apparently still catering to tall women, is Method Boutique. All I can say is OY, and good luck.

    • Coin says:

      Hi Angela,
      thank you for your comment. OY indeed. What an extremely unfortunate name change – from something so good to something so bad. The change to “Method Boutique” reeks of haste, making me wonder if there was a legal issue preventing their continued use of LongLegs.

  2. Angela Meharg says:

    Got another one for you, but this time it’s the worst tagline ever.

    Crest: Life opens up when you do.


    • Coin says:

      Indeed. It falls short on at least a couple of levels. FIrst, the visual it prompts, of someone with their mouth wide open in the dentist’s chair, is rather unpleasant. Also, the metaphor of “opening up” is not typically (or ever, really) associated with opening up one’s mouth – it tends to be opening up one’s mind, one’s heart, one’s arms…but never one’s mouth.

      Thanks for your comment –

  3. Andris, I love your blogs, you always talk about the little things that make a big difference.

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