6 Responses to I’m about to flip.

  1. Shelley Bradley (Daniels) says:

    Good for you Andris! Enjoy the reading!

    • Andris and Associates says:

      Thanks Shelley! I hope you are well and gearing up for summer. It is a sunny 16 here today in Toronto.

  2. Kyle Tallon says:

    Congrats on the new edition Andris! I’m looking forward to reading it. I will admit that your current company name sounds a little bit law firm-ish. 😀

    • Andris and Associates says:

      Thanks Kyle. I think you are absolutely right. Part of my opportunity here is to turn this into a “teachable moment”, if you will. On that note, Andris and Associates was meant to convey that I could bring in an array of strategic partners – designers, marketers, etc. – to assist me with larger jobs. But because I am focusing on naming, and can do most of the work in-house, the associates approach is not so relevant. I think the new name will be much more so.

  3. Glenn Sheridan says:

    I am intrigued. I have seen your crucible in action first hand. What will remain once you put yourself through the process?

    I hope your new ‘leitmotif’ fits you like a glove.

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