Strata Health

Brand Strategy Development and Execution

Strata Health’s waitlist optimization software is now accelerating patient flow in Health Regions serving more than eight million Canadians. The fi rm’s vision is to be the world leader in patient flow management. Thus the task given us in 2008 was to “develop a marketing package that makes Strata Health look like the worldleading organization it wants to become.” Indicating our success was the recognition of Strata Health as the single Finalist alongside Telus – a firm capitalized at 3,000 times the size of Strata Health – for the 2008 CHITTA* Award for Company of the Year.

The core of our strategy for this client was to leverage the exceptionally high esteem in which its customers – the world’s devoted front line care givers – held Strata Health staff and their Strata PathWays™ software. PathWays Portraits™ is the program we conceived to simultaneously showcase the effectiveness of the software and the devotion to patients that Strata Health’s clients demonstrate.

PathWays Portraits is the centrepiece of a marketing package that includes a new, world-class website, Flash demo, print advertising, trade show materials, media relations and awards applications. I was honoured to develop the marketing plan and manage the PR agency, as well as direct and copywrite all pieces for a program that was anticipated to generate $300,000 in 2007 – 2009 revenue.