Stakeholder Research / Brand Foundation / Naming / Visual Identity

Under the name Roscoe Postle Associates, this client amassed an exceptionally strong reputation for the objectivity and independence of its reports, which provide an expert opinion on the potential value and level of certainty of mineral resources and reserves. The reputation of its reports is indeed so strong, many industry players refer to an “RPA Report” even when the report is not written by RPA, but by a competitor.

Stakeholder research in the form of a ThinkAudit™ determined that to a substantial degree, the basis of the company’s reputation was its principals’ integrity and combined 100-plus years of experience. With the retirement of some principals expected to be in the not-too-distant future, the need for a brand succession strategy became clear.

The implemented strategy was to develop a brand foundation with participation of the next generation of leaders, who zeroed in on the necessity of communicating to the market that RPA would still have broad and deep industry experience even after the departure of the most senior principals.

Further facilitating the succession was our recommendation that Roscoe and Postle, the names of the company founders, be dropped from the brand name. The result is the official change of the name to an acronym already widely known in the market: RPA.

With its multiple levels of meaning, the brand tagline – Rock solid resources. Proven advice. – memorably reinforces the theme of seamless transition to the next generation of leadership.


Brand Foundation

CORE PURPOSE – why we exist

To provide advice that leads to the right decisions.

VISION – where we are going, and how we’ll know we’re there

An industry in which the right decisions are always made.

MISSION – what we do every day to get there

We lead by working together – with broad and deep industry experience – to provide objective, independent advice.

REASON TO BELIEVE – why someone should believe the position

The RPA Report

TAGLINE – how we say we are different

Rock solid resources. Proven advice.

CHARACTER – how we act; our voice

Decisive – we give prompt, clear opinions
Dedicated – to client service
Focused – on solving client needs

VALUES – what we believe; our principles

Internal and external
Delivering what we promise | Unsurpassed quality | Effective communication
Continuous career development | Treating people fairly | Recognition and rewards
Respect for individual differences