Name / Visual Identity

Retirement Residences REIT was taken private in 2006, necessitating a name change. The organization employs 25,000 people and operates 237 properties in the United States and Canada. Our team was retained by the CEO to coach a brand team of internal stakeholders through the development of a new name and visual identity.

Central to the naming process was our focus on the brand’s position and tagline: The pinnacle of caring and Enhancing Lives, respectively. Using a proprietary methodology, we then developed a long list of 300 potential names, coached the brand team over several selection meetings, and directed the appropriate linguistics, legal and domain checks to arrive at Revera — an emotive name rooted in the brand’s reverence for human life.

Throughout the name development process, we coached the team to maintain an intense focus on the objectives that any successful brand name must accomplish. For example, it must cut through the fog of hyper-messaging – the unprecedented amount of commercial messages that flood media channels and the minds of target audiences – while communicating the brand’s point of difference in an authentic way.

As is the case in all logo projects, only once the name was finalized did the designer have the necessary information required to craft a meaningful visual identity for the brand.