Ontario Tire Stewardship

Stakeholder Research / Brand Foundation / Name

Every year in Ontario, 12 million tires are discarded as scrap. Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) is the not-for-profit organization mandated by the provincial government to divert these tires away from landfill, illegal dumping or burning, and support their transformation into a wide variety of new green products.

OTS’ crucial sub-brand was Green My Tires, the program under which tires were recycled into crumb rubber – used to make better sports fields and more durable, quieter roads, for example – and sold to consumers in the form of finished products including roof shingles, car parts, floor mats and much more.

OTS retained Coin and our strategic partner, Philter Communications, to raise its profile among these consumers, who had a very low level of awareness of tire-derived products and their benefits.

Our stakeholder research technique, the ThinkAudit™, revealed a consensus among OTS employees, strategic partners and end users of the recycled products that both the OTS and Green My Tires names were unclear, and even confusing, in terms of communicating our client’s value proposition.

Based on this insight and many others, a clear and compelling brand foundation was developed, positioning OTS with consumers as the organization transforming the relationship Ontarians have with the lifecycle of their tires.


Brand Foundation

CORE PURPOSE – why we exist

To create and share a world-leading model for sustainable recycling.

VISION – where we are going, and how we’ll know we’re there

We envision a self-sustaining industry in which Ontario companies are the leaders in supplying highly-preferred, innovative products that use material from recycled tires.

MISSION – what we do every day to get there

To get 100% of Ontario tires efficiently and responsibly recycled into new products, leading to more livable communities and a growing green economy in this province.

REASON TO BELIEVE – why someone should believe our uniqueness

…that takes into account our environment…
We divert 100% of Ontario’s used tires from landfill and burning.

…our economy…
Our support of the Ontario companies that make new products out of old tires has brought more than $40 million dollars of new investment and hundreds of new jobs to this province.

…and our quality of life.
Recycled tires are turned into products that make our homes and offices greener, our schools and playgrounds safer and our communities more vibrant.

VALUES – what we believe in; our principles

Trust | Family | Passion | Building relationships
Continuous learning | Health